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Chloe is originally from Tasmania – a little island in Australia that is famous for Tassie Devils and, of course, the Crowned Princess Mary of Denmark! Chloe moved to Denmark in January to find out why the Danes are the happiest people in the world… and to occasionally go to class at the University of Copenhagen where she studies environmental science. As soon as Chloe moved to Copenhagen she fell in love with it and immediately extended her exchange. She now lives with 8 Danes and enjoys every minute of it! When she’s not being a tour guide or studying you’ll find her enjoying Copenhagen’s “hygge” atmosphere, exploring the city on her bike and hanging out in the Tivoli gardens or one of Copenhagen’s many parks!

Tours mastered:
Copenhagen Free Tour

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Free Tour of Copenhagen

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Town Hall Square
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Pub Crawl

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8:30 PM
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