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Believe it or not, H.C. Andersen’s story about the Little Mermaid isn’t a fairytale after all; it’s actually based on a real live person, who you can meet today in Copenhagen. Her name certainly isn’t Ariel (she changed that for privacy regulations), it’s Anna. She’s spent years travelling the world; exploring the mysteries of Asia, living in the shadows of the Egyptian pyramids, following her Viking roots in Sweden and braving the rains and gales of South Wales. Today, when she’s not cycling the streets of Copenhagen trying to avoid knocking down unwitting pedestrians who stand in the cities sacred cycle lanes, she’s here to show you around the most wonderful of towns and looking forward to the day when she can pull on her fins, and swim back to her fishy friends under the sea.

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Copenhagen Free Tour

Free Tour of Copenhagen

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11 AM
Town Hall Square
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Pub Crawl

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8:30 PM
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